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Design Concept

My design philosophy is simple: we create the garden together. By this I mean from the first consultation and walk-through, getting to know you is as important as fully comprehending the site and its potential.

First, I create an existing sheet of the site, including such things as the footprint of the residence, the existing plantings (trees, shrubs, lawn), grade changes, views, etc. Then, using an experienced and discerning eye, I guide you through various uses of the space. We will find solutions together that are both unique to the site and your own style, and the required elements of your garden.

Finally, by utilizing the preliminary sketches and the results of consultations, I work up a final colored sketch that can be put out to bid as-is or create a full set of working drawings, depending on the size of the project.

Landscaping Sketch 1

Landscaping Sketch 2

Landscaping Sketch 3

Landscaping Sketch 4